Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Small Town Industry

In the news we all here about the justin beibers and mind blowing rebecca blacks but what is the small town industry doing?

Being from a small town in Canada, the industry has a different light then what we all read, hear or see in the music industry of today. There are pros and cons to this, a pro would be that there is rom for the small town to have its own music scene and promote its local bands. A major con is that most small town bands do not get the exposure they deserve. its sad how some bands can sell out shows and be the talk of the area as an amazing band or a must see but all the media sees is the beiber and rebecca blacks. Being that these are whats "hot" is somewhat frightening but continues to give me hope for the small town.

All in all even if the "Media" industry's music is mainly garbage at least i know i can fall back on local music to save the day.


  1. Which town in Canada??

  2. im not into local music, nor am i into jb or rebeca black

  3. I hate that tweens are so popular right now.