Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Small Town Industry

In the news we all here about the justin beibers and mind blowing rebecca blacks but what is the small town industry doing?

Being from a small town in Canada, the industry has a different light then what we all read, hear or see in the music industry of today. There are pros and cons to this, a pro would be that there is rom for the small town to have its own music scene and promote its local bands. A major con is that most small town bands do not get the exposure they deserve. its sad how some bands can sell out shows and be the talk of the area as an amazing band or a must see but all the media sees is the beiber and rebecca blacks. Being that these are whats "hot" is somewhat frightening but continues to give me hope for the small town.

All in all even if the "Media" industry's music is mainly garbage at least i know i can fall back on local music to save the day.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Possible management?

hey guys I've been busy lately debating on managing a band in my local area called Bryden Avenue. I'm looking for a bit of feedback. they just finished recording their debut album. Their Myspace posted below contains a song they played live at a local cafe. whats your take? would you buy their music? would you like to hear more? any feedback is good feedback
there are a few videos and a brief biography here:

Monday, 14 March 2011

Benefit stuff

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven't posted in a while I've been overloaded with school projects and still have alot left to do. with the earthquake and tsunami in japan I've decided to dedicate this post to change. this post is going to talk about songs that have helped disasters. The first that comes to mind is K'naans Waving Flag that was remastered by over 50 Canadian artist and all the monies received from the song were given to Haiti. do you know any songs or artists that have helped with disasters?

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Child Progidy's

I was recently browsing stumbledupon when i came across this 5 year old progidy drummer playing a cover of toxicity by System of a down. i speculated somebody else had played the song and jsut put a video of him but after looking closely it was actualy the 5 year old kid playing toxicity. i couldn't beleive my eyes. anyways i thought i would share the video. its pritty sick

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Entertainment Law

I am currently doing a project on copyright for my entertainment law class. i have to use certain copyright infringement scenarios and compare them and then decide if there is an acceptable version of copyright infringement and what we need to do to fix certain issues that come from torrents and p2p programs like frostwire,bearshare, Limewire(yes i know its been shutdown) any input would be fantastic

Thanks Alot,
The Frog

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Classical Guitar

Today i have come to realize classical guitar can blow my mind. this isn't a real blog but i just thought i'd share this with all of you...